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Kiteboarders, Gulf of Mexico.
© Cliff Beittel

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Editor's Choice
The following stock photos are by a variety of AGPix photographers.

Double Vision
In this showcase, double vision is not a medical issue, but rather, each image represents a reflection, refraction, twins or maybe even a shadow.

Live Free or Die
In addition to its rich history, New Hampshire is also rich in attractions, such as its man-made covered bridges and the natural beauty of the White Mountains, the Pemigewasset and other rivers, Atlantic Ocean and many wooded areas. New Hampshire has the second highest (after Maine) percentage of timberland in the country.

In the Details
God is in the detail -- or the later idiom, the Devil is in the detail -- expresses that whatever one does should be done thoroughly as details are important. Some sources phrase it differently. That is, when small things in plans are overlooked, serious problems can ensue. Here, we’re just showing the details.